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The Dash Guy who cried 'troll'

The Dash Guy who cried ‘troll!’

Everyone knows the story of the boy who cried wolf; a shepherd boy who repeatedly tricks villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his sheep, but when a wolf really does attack his sheep and he calls for help - no villagers came.

The moral of the story is no one will ever believe a liar. But this is a different story - The Dash Guy who cried ‘troll’ - make up whatever moral you like.

Internet troll

In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response for their own amusement.

I am not saying The Dash Guy is a troll - name-calling is not in my nature. I want to address issues and responses surrounding the audacity one guy had to upset an online crypto-community. I think it’s noteworthy because it points to a larger issue we’ve unfortunately become familiar with in crypto-currency communities; name-calling. It has the overall effect of reducing peoples’ desire to get involved with crypto-currency.

The story so far

It started with The Dash Guy (herein referred to as TDG) criticising people in the Dash community because someone appeared to be pestering/spamming the Project Manager. His emotions got the better of him as his post turned to rage. That transpired into his apparent exiting out of the Dash community:

Delete my goddamn forum account please. i’m sick of this place, these people, and this shit drama. I know (sic) see why vertoe left by the way. Same shit. Same problems.

Followed by a post on the forum indicating his desire to accept donations from the Monero community:

For all my Monero Fanbois: 43fn9DhL2eoCzuLz6EUwNoGD7KDbWFEwhAPyMCGJ6wxDZd7ULVodh1fKKiAMyzKLxoZSWMwPwz28yWf Str83dWf3HteRq9p yea thats right, I got myself a Monero addy JUST to see how much you really love me. 2 threads about me isn’t good enough, put your money where your mouth is! I’ll be waiting!

TDG then posts a link to the drama to

which is courteously welcomed by Cryptofantom

Welcome friend, help us build Monero! :)

and then TDG starts soliciting tips:

Give me some funds man! I’m a professional website designer just looking build out my cryptofolio: 43fn9DhL2eoCzuLz6EUwNoGD7KDbWFEwhAPyMCGJ6wxDZd7ULVodh1fKKiAMyzKLxoZSWMwPwz28yWf Str83dWf3HteRq9p

amoebatron also welcomes him:

I’m a bit confused, but welcome aboard regardless.

TDG replies:

What confuses you? Honesty?

2 days later, TDG has accumulated a generous 300 XMR (worth ~$650 USD) in tips and drops this bomb:

I will be using your funds to fund DashNation content and I am super greatful (sic) some of you have such a good heart, regardless of this, I still have to make a point about how this type of attitude is being wasted in your community, you guys spend so much time arguing, shaming, bitching & trolling that you don’t have anytime left over to actually grow your coin! It’s craziness I tell you!

In substantiating these actions he gives various reasons (Irony is strong):

I just want us to succeed as a whole, I want to live in a (more) decentralized world where I’m not someone’s corporate slave, and sadly Monerobros, you guys are helping ruin that entire idea with your tactless trolling and attacking of anyone/everyone in this space.

I for one don’t see a point in all this infighting between coins

If you have to be rude to get your point across, maybe do more research on your point and come back with a better argument?

TDG’s actions are not representative of the Dash community

Some comments from the community condemning his behaviour:


If no action is take in the next few days, I may consider refunding the XMR myself because that is the right thing to do. This PR move by /u/TheDashGuy is embarrassing.


Fellow Dash and Monero enthusiasts, as well as newcomers, please do what you can to avoid feeding the trolls. TheDashGuy is a known attention whore, just made himself a troll today for both Dash and Monero, and probably spawned a few more trolls with this stunt.


This is stupid. As someone who currently holds only Dash, I am now embarrassed. What you did was stupid. Flaunting it is even more stupid. You look like a blatant hypocrite. Keep your posturing to yourself.

Disturbingly, some at r/DashPay agree with the actions of TDG


I do not agree with returning any of the funds TheDashGuy received from the Monero people. TheDashGuy took advantage of his talent of manipulation and made people think in a certain way (that he left the Dash project). Gullible people donated XMR to TheDashGuy. He pulled a successful troll attack just to signify how all the crypto crowd is still vulnerable to such attacks. … Lessons learned: 1) Stop blindly believing anyone in the crypto-sphere. Do your own research and decide what is best for you. 2) Don’t be so gullible. Cryptocurrencies gave us the opportunity to send money anywhere in the world, you bet your ass more people will try to take advantage of that.


He wants the trolling between the communities to stop. He made a message of goodwill towards both projects and a desire for peace. How did you actually miss that? … Now personally I didn’t expect much from the “Monerbros”, but the way the thread developed is exactly proving his point. Let him return the money, I don’t really care, but it will change nothing in their behaviour.

It’s worth noting that several other similar ‘Dash defector’ posts appeared shortly after on r/Monero most likely posted by TDG using alternate accounts. It’s possible that these supportive posts of TDG’s actions are actually TDG himself.

Mentally ill, scammer or immature kid?

Mental health, criminality and unsupervised juvenile use of Internet are topics for another time. TDG was welcomed into the Monero community and he had already made up his mind to perceive these people as trolls. The point of this post is not to single out TDG as a bad person, but to show how peoples’ motivations and perceptions can be really distorted when their investment is emotional.

How to respond to trolling and name-calling?

Trolling and name-calling is a bit like fire; give it oxygen and it will grow. Years ago I became so angry at the immaturity on display at that I just stopped visiting the site and switched over to Reddit. Whenever I find arguments, I can easily skip to the next thread or just switch topics quickly. The best way to respond to fire is not to play with it. Leave it to burn out and find something more useful to do with your time.

In summary

When investing in alt-coins: don’t over-invest, spend some time in the community before you invest and please, don’t feed the trolls.